Pain in Brain

Me: Every day I get a realistic, pesimistic, mystic kind of emotion.
        Explosions all around my head, nothing's white all is red
        nothing's good all is bad.
        I'd like to feel sad but I can't.
        I can only throw up cause it hurts,
        my body bursts. My ass is shaking, the pain is taking me.
        The pain ain't plain -- it's insane, it hits the brain.
        Yes, it hits the brain, my poor little brain...

I gotta pain, pain in my brain
I gotta pain, pain in my brain

Voice from inside
: Listen sucker you can't get pain in your fucking brain,
          It's your imagination, frustration, haluscination, isolation.
          You can't always get what you want,
          So feel the rhythm and don't complain about fucking pain in your brain

Me: My little brain cells are going down,
        like when you sniff the glue,
        Yes, it's true, I'm telling you it's true
        I can see the clouds but there is no sky.
        Better maybe die than to stay alive,
        In my stomache silent cry...
        Through my head running train completes the pain,
        squeeze my brain.
        And this heavy rain puts the stain on my brain.
        I got nothing to gain, I got nothing to gain, except...

Pain, pain in my brain,
Except pain, pain in my brain

Voice from inside: Let me tell you shmuck, first you suck, then you fuck
          Never underestimate the past, it's the devil's test,
          Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name...

Pain, Pain in my brain