Peace. Where did it go?
Wish I had known...
Maybe this is the last one I wrote, who knows...
I'll never understand them people --
looking for freedom, democracy and rights,
but building prisons, killing fields,
Whites for Blacks, and Blacks for Whites.
Producing their children but killing mine --
That's the Man's sign.

My friend said foggy weather, foggy future, foggy brains --
Yeah, we're living in chains.
Every day afraid to walk the streets,
my fast heart beats are knocking on the hope's door.
I want more than fear,
at least just a tear of joy,
a happy girl or a boy.
People gotta get the best of you,
hide your blue,
say what's true,

They're stealing the power
From God above

People, this is the metal age,
making lower and lower weapons to ease their rage.
Because they're just men, not gods
Obey their lust and greed, not hearts.
But I know a higher weapon for one God to pray.
That's the instrument that I play.
Firing love into your ears
Blowing your brains and hearts,
chase away your fears,

They're stealing the power
From God above